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Additional Questions?
We're glad to help!
  • What services do you provide?
    EHG provides a variety of services from HR Management to employment-related services that include temporary and seasonal Talent sourcing solutions as well as recruiting and permanent placement. We provide companies with pre-screened, quality employees for seasonal, temporary, or long-term employment. EHG works day in and day out to provide companies in Florida and across the USA with exceptional HR Management services. Companies can trust that EHG will fulfill their tailored servicing needs successfully, no matter the industry.
  • What Benefits does your company provide to clients?
    Working with a EHG saves companies valuable time and money. By outsourcing Human Resources Management, companies can focus on growing the business rather than directing their staff, interviewing and selecting new hires. There is less risk involved when using a HR management business because Hr Management Business pre-screen employees and assure quality hires. Working with Exuberant Hospitality Group ensures flexibility in your hiring needs. If seasonal employees are needed to support an influx of business or temporary employees are needed to support a large project, working with a EHG is a smart investment.
  • Who pays the employees?
    When companies use a HR Management Company employees are technically employed by the company, because of this, benefits and paychecks are provided by the HR Company. We offer competitive pay for employees and many provide insurance benefits as well. At Exuberant Hospitality, employees benefit from a Bi-weekly paycheck, often larger than their full-time counterparts.
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