EHG International Recruiting Pool Option
Creative Office

EHG helps properties find qualified Hospitality Exchange Visitors leverage on an international stage. We work with properties with seasonal and hard to reach areas to recruit a pool of talent, arrange transportation and housing, and ensure the right levels of talents are provided. We can help your property find seasonal or long term talent in housekeeping, food & beverage, maintenance, landscaping and more.

Through these enhanced programs EHG handles the entire process including:

  • Recruiting

  • Vetting/Screening

  • Transportation

  • Housing

  • Replacement

  • Employee Management

  • Training

We work with client to tailor a program that is right for them taking into account budget, housing arrangements, employee requirement, and talent levels. All properties must remain compliant with the rules of the visa programs that are administered with the program. J1 Program is mainly for cultural Exchange while H2B is for work. It is important that we vett/screen your property before recommending you to any service provider or contract laborer of these programs.