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The right fit for our clients

Exuberant Hospitality Group offers services to fit the needs of our clients.  While some businesses may need full HR Management services, others may be looking for recruitment solutions.  For this reason, EHG offers services including Full HR Management Services, Direct hire and search services as well as full outsourcing solutions for entire departments.

We fully manage your HR Department, reducing the cost that is spent hiring a full time HR Director/Coordinator. This is a great option for new and existing properties that want to efficiently maintain high quality without the administrative headache.

Temporary hiring services as risen to the top of the recruitment charts since the rise of the Global Pandemic. EHG utilizes this recruitment strategy to fill the part-time needs of it's customers.

Exuberant Hospitality Group, one of nations supplier of top talents to the Restaurant/Resort/Hotel Industry, has unique service options . We can assist in the recruitment of international cultural exchange participants from far and wide to support summer/winter operational needs using international visa programs such as J1 and or H2B. We provide a full management service ensuring these visa participants remaining compliant throughout their program.

We also offer direct hire recruiting services.  This fee base service is ideal for filling positions at any level.  Our expert recruiters can help locate top-talent nationwide.

Finding talent is one of your biggest challenges as a leader in the hospitality business.  Whether it’s front or back of house, you need a great team to make your business thrive and grow.  Whether you’re the General Manger of one hotel or overseeing many properties, EHG Hospitality RPO & Search can help you define, find, and keep great talent

Exuberant Hospitality Group is known for its work in contract services. Through our dynamic billing features. Employers gets to hire new employees while we handling workman's comp, pay roll taxes and burdens, saving business up to 12% of it's usual payroll cost.

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